You can get to know the colourful phases of Finnish Military history in the exhibitions of the Military Museum. The exhibitions will take you from the period of Swedish rule to the period of Russian rule and autonomy in the 19th century and from there on to Finnish independence and the civil war of 1918 onto the struggles of World War II and on to the 21st century.

1950-1960-luvun sotilaita esittäviä nukkeja vitriinissä. Kuva Sotamuseo.

The Military Museum has two exhibition locations in Helsinki that are open to everyone. The Military Museum's Manege and submarine Vesikko are located in Suomenlinna.

The exhibition "From Autonomy to Atalanta" in the Manege offer information on the most important phases of Finnish military history in a nutshell. Submarine Vesikko is an authentic and rare museum location from the World War II era.

There are information about the exhibitions in Finnish, Swedish, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.