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Military Museum of Finland


Sotamuseon yhden lahjoittajaluettelon kansi. Kuva Sotamuseo.

The main tasks of the Military Museum

The Military Museum

  • records, conducts research and cares for items and film material relating to the Finnish Defence Forces and military and weapons history
  • organises exhibitions and lectures on military historical topics
  • produces military history publications
  • is the subject-matter expert and official authority on the traditions and heraldry of the Defence Forces, on the export of museum items and on all other military history matters
  • guides and supervises the activities of partner museums and of the brigade-level units' traditions rooms.

Brigade traditions and heraldry

The Military Museum ensures that the traditions of the Defence Forces are observed correctly. The Military Museum designs the flags and standards of brigade-level units / equiv. The museum issues guidelines on the Defence Forces' traditions and heraldry.