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Lauri Haavisto opastaa Sotamuseon näyttelyssä. Kuva Puolustusvoimat.

The Military Museum offers services in the museum exhibits to both individual visitors and groups. The museum also serves people who are interested in Finnish military history in general.

Services to Museum Visitors

You can book guided group tours for the exhibitions. For visiting school classes we have advance material to look at and activities they can do during the museum visit in the exhibitions. Our exhibitions also have shops where you can purchase for example literature, postcards and multimedia products.

Other Services

The Military Museum is responsible for the Finnish Defence Forces Photograph Archive and photograph services related to it. The museum also has services relating to is item collections. The Military Museum issues diving permits to military ship wrecks that are the property of the Finnish Defence Forces.

Collection Services

The Colletions Unit of the Military Museum is located in The Finnish Heritage Agency’s Collections and Conservation Centre in Vantaa. 
Further information relating to the collection services: sotamuseo (at)


sotamuseo (at)
nayttelyt.sotamuseo (at)
kuva-arkisto.sotamuseo (at)