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Partner Museums

Finland has several military history museums that exhibit the history and traditions of the Defence Forces' branches and services.

The Military Museum has selected partnership museums that it steers and oversees. Exhibits from the Military Museum can be found in these partnership museums and in various other museums that specialise in military history. Most of the partner museums and other museums displaying military history are regularly open to the public.

The display rooms of brigade-level units

The Defence Forces' brigade-level units have their own display rooms, spaces or buildings for artefacts that portray their unit's history and traditions. The Military Museum is in charge of these display areas and provides them with exhibits from its collections.

These display areas are usually located in military areas. To gain access, contact the brigade-level unit directly and ask for permission.

Other museums

There are many local, city and regional museums as well as museums set up by volunteers that hold exhibitions or displays on Finnish military history. Some museums, exhibits and other events that display military history can be found for example on the website (theme/keyword Military and war).


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