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Finnish Defence Forces Photograph Archive

The photo archive consists of three large entities: The Military Museum's photograph archive, the Defence Forces' Photographic Centre's archive and the Air Force's Photographic Centre's archive.

The Military Museum's photograph archive

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The Military Museum's archive consists of donations from private citizens and of material given by the Defence Forces' brigade-level units and establishments. The archive's earliest pictures date from when Finland was an autonomous duchy in the 1800s and there are also pictures from recent times.

Finnish Defence Forces Photograph Archive

The Defence Forces' Photographic Centre's archive consists of pictures from the so-call Information Company collection. The pictures were taken during the Winter War, Continuation War and Lapland War. The material has been digitised and can be accessed online at www.sa-kuva.fi. The material can be viewed free of charge.

The archive has the negatives, positives and digital versions of images taken by photographers serving the photograph archive. These date from after the wars to this very day. The archives include pictures of all the activities in the Finnish Defence Forces, from all services and branches.

Air Force's Photograph Archive

In 2012, the Air Force Command handed over its photographic collection to the Military Museum. The material includes aerial photographs and pictures of the Air Force's activities from after Finland's civil war, so from 1918, and it extends all the way to the 1960s. There are pictures of aeroplanes, events, war materiel and of the territories that Finland lost to the Soviet Union.

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The Military Museum's photograph archive will accept donations of pictures that have to do with Finland's war history and its defence forces. Donations will only be accepted if background information on the picture(s) is available.