Photograph services

Welcome to Finnish Defence Forces' Photograph Archive. At our archive, you can order images for research purposes, publications etc.

Valokuvia etsitään Puolustusvoimien kuva-arkistossa Sotamuseossa. Kuva Sotamuseo.

The Defence Forces' Photograph Archive is on display and images can be browsed in the Military Museum's customer service areas. If you would like to visit the photograph archive, please make an appointment beforehand.

You can order digital files of photographic material. Images are transferred either via email or on CDs. Paper prints are not available.

One image costs €7. If the image is going to be used in a commercial publication, we charge an additional copyright fee of €40/image. Images downloaded off are free of charge.

Place your orders and send inquiries to email address kuva-arkisto.sotamuseo(at)

Contact Information

Defence Forces' Photograph Archive
Military Museum
Visiting address Maurinkatu 1, 00170 Helsinki
Email kuva-arkisto.sotamuseo(at)
Telephone +358 299 530342 (Tue–Thu)
Note! From 21 August–26. September 2017 limited capacity to respond to photograph enquiries and requests.

Wartime photographs

Wartime images from between 1939 and 1945 are available at Images can be viewed freely and can be used according to the terms of use of the service. When you publish a photograph from the archive, mention "SA-kuva". This means "wartime photograph" in Finnish.

Pictures of the Defence Forces nowadays

It is the Defence Forces Shared Service Centre´s responsibility to take and distribute pictures of the Finnish Defence Forces as they are today.