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Suomen Sotahistoriallinen Seura ry (The Association for Military History in Finland)

The Association for Military History in Finland was founded in January 1944 as a support association for the Military Museum. The museum and the Association have worked together actively ever since.

The Association for Military History in Finland publishes an annual review called Journal of Military History. The most recent publication (no. 42/2022) dates from December 2022 (with English summaries). Inquiries: Tiedekirja bookstore.


Patarei comes to life – War Museum Tallin

Patarei comes to life is a documentary that was commissioned by the Estonian War Museum. It tells the eventful history of the Patarei prison in Tallinn. The documentary also shows how the prison was restored. The building was originally built as a fortress in the 1800s. Depending on who was in power, the walls have imprisoned criminals, political prisoners and persecuted Jews.

Patarei is a unique part of European history and nowadays a very popular tourist attraction. Estonians themselves value this monument greatly and are ready to spare no effort when it comes to its restoration.

Click here for a video of Patarei prison and its history.

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